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Are you ready to enjoy stress-free 
mealtimes & feel at ease that your child
is getting everything they need to thrive?

Meet Sarah

Hi there!

I’m Sarah - a pediatric dietitian, wife, and mom of 2. I know exactly how challenging it can be to feed a family, especially when you have a picky eater! I also know just how busy, hectic, and stressful (and amazing!) life with kids can be. 


As a pediatric dietitian for over 8 years, I've worked with hundreds of picky eaters. I see the stress and guilt, the negative impact it has on your child’s relationship with food, and the tension it creates for your whole family. Food is something special that is meant to be enjoyed and to bring families together, and I want your family to experience that!


When I became a parent myself and experienced the exhaustion and frustration that sometimes comes with feeding kids, I knew I found my passion in life. I wanted to help parents like you feel confident feeding your child, help your kids develop a positive relationship with food, and bring joy back to the table for your whole family. 


I use both my professional expertise and my personal experience as a mom to guide families using simple, respectful, and proven strategies - strategies that I use for my own family too! My calm personality and understanding nature will set you and your child at ease while we work together using my “Feed them with KINDness” approach.

Nourished Village Nutrition | Sarah Derry, RD, Picky Eating Dietitian

Sarah Derry, MS, RD, LDN

Does This Sound Familiar?

Nourished Village Nutrition | Sarah Derry, RD, Picky Eating Dietitian
  • You're trying “all the things” to help your child try new foods with no success.

  • Maybe you've even tried feeding therapy and have gotten nowhere.

  • You're worried about how your child's picky eating is impacting their health and well-being.

  • You have power struggles, fights, and tension at the table

  • You're confused by all the myths and terrible picky eating advice out there. You've been trying all of the things you hear that don't seem to be right for your child and their picky eating keeps getting worse. 

  • Your child is so specific about food that they can't eat different brands, can't eat at school, out of the house, etc.

  • Your child is not able to attend parties, family functions, go on vacation, etc without a cooler of their own food.

  • As a parent, you're feeling judged, defeated, worried, confused, hopeless, frustrated, anxious, and exhausted.

  • Your child is dealing with growth issues and nutrient deficiencies.

  • Your child is now older and still picky and it's gotten even worse with time. 

*Whether your child struggles with "typical" picky eating, or if your child is an extremely selective eater or has autism, sensory challenges, or food fear and anxiety, my program is right for you! 


Nourished Village Nutrition | Sarah Derry, RD, Picky Eating Dietitian

How I Help...

I provide a clear plan and personalized strategies specific to the root causes of your child's eating that are simple and effective. I give you all the tools you need to feel confident helping your child. I work with your child to help them overcome their eating challenges and learn about food in a fun and comfortable way!

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Tier 1

  • 4-months of personalized coaching & support

  • Weekly parent office hours

  • Weekly live Kids' Calls

  • 40+ video lessons and resources you can access 24/7

  • (1) 1:1 onboarding call 

  • Private group with daily support, accountability, and coaching AND a community of other parents who get it.

$1070 USD or
*Flexible payment plans available
*HSA/FSA Eligible 

Tier 2

  • Everything in Tier 1, PLUS

  • (4) Additional 1:1 coaching calls 

  • Direct text and voice messaging access to me Monday through Friday

$1610 USD or
*Flexible payment plans available
*HSA/FSA Eligible 
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Tier 3

  • Everything in Tier 1, PLUS...

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching calls​

  •  Direct text and voice messaging access to me Monday through Friday

$3230 USD or
*Flexible payment plans available
*HSA/FSA Eligible 

The KIND Feeding Academy


Client Love Notes

Nourished Village Nutrition | Sarah Derry, RD, Picky Eating Dietitian

“The biggest change is in my own expectations and how I deal with mealtimes. Gaining confidence on the fact that some days child will not eat and some days they will eat more than their usual and we can't control that... Our mealtimes are now a breeze, and there are no more power struggles or anxiety. My daughter trusts that she can eat what she likes, as much as she likes while staying within the boundaries that I have set. She takes No like a champ, and gets excited when I offer food. She is definitely more confident herself when it comes to trying new foods. The other day we made grilled vegetables, and she casually asked us what was on the sheet pan, and asked for a piece of broccoli and ate it.. and more at dinner! The fact that she trusts and tells me when she likes or dislikes something, and that mom will not force it on her makes me feel proud of myself for coming this far, all thanks to Sarah! This has impacted many other aspects of our day since we don't obsess about what and how much she ate all day, reducing our anxiety and fights. We are now able to eat at restaurants. It is slowly but very noticeably getting better! I can't say enough good things about working with Sarah.  


Don't think twice! If you are struggling, just take the help because it can be life-changing. I am sure I will run into issues again, but I have the tools in my pocket to take out anytime and start enforcing them (most of which are now common practice for us). Sarah also never forces you to do things you are not comfortable with. In our case, it was very much to meet my family style, how my daughter eats and what we cook, our parenting style, etc. and I was very comfortable talking my heart out to her from the get-go. What a gem of a person!


I have said this a few times, and I can't say it enough, I am glad I found you, Sarah! It has been a pleasure :) thank you for everything!”

- Gunmeet, mom to 2.5-year-old
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